Deep breathWe used the TOCS+ RP to obtain intelligibility measures of children’s spontaneous utterances using word identification tasks for two studies: 

  • We used the TOCS+ RP to determine if intelligibility scores based on children’s spontaneous speech are affected by sample length (100 vs. 225 words).  These results were reported at the 2007 ASHA Convention.

  • We examined the relationship between the word identification scores from the children’s’ spontaneous speech and their TOCS+ Intelligibility Measures to evaluate the validity of the TOCS+ Intelligibility Measures.  These results were reported at the 2008 ASHA Convention.


The TOCS+ RP program is designed to:

  • Record, name and save digital audio files (sampling rate of 48 kHz; quantization size of 16 bits) up to 15 minutes in length. These files can be played back using Window’s  Media Player or any sound editor software (e.g. WavePad, Praat, Audacity).

  • Play back audio files prepared by the user for completion of open-set word identification tasks.


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