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The maximum performance tasks that can be recorded using the software include multiple trials of sound prolongation (phonation and fricatives) and maximal repetition rate (diadochokinetic tasks).  

Duration and rate measures obtained from a child’s performance on these maximum performance tasks can aid in diagnosing the presence and type of a motor speech disorder. A separate waveform editor (e.g. WavePad, Praat, Audacity) is needed to display, playback and measure the duration and, when applicable, the number of syllable repetitions in a trial. 

Details regarding the tasks and instructions, how to measure the recorded productions of the trials for each task and how to interpret these measures are provided in:

Rvachew, S., Hodge, M., & Ohberg, A. (2005).  Obtaining and interpreting maximum performance tasks from children: A tutorial.  Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, 29(4), 145-157.

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