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Deep breathWelcome to the website for TOCS+

(Test of Children's Speech Plus)
, a project of the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network (www.cllrnet.ca).

TOCS+ includes software to record, save, playback, judge and analyze speech recordings to measure children's speech intelligibility at the word and sentence level.  It is based on an analog version of TOCS developed by Megan Hodge.

TOCS+ uses word identification tasks to provide direct measures of how well a child can make his or her spoken messages understood by listeners. These are useful in research and clinical practice to classify the severity of a child's speech disability and measure the effectiveness of treatment.

We are using data collected from 200 children:

  • between three and seven years of age
  • with typical speech development, speech delay of unknown origin, cleft palate and dysarthria
  • to evaluate the reliability and validity of the measures provided by TOCS+ software.

The Universal Sound Server (USS) is a software utility developed by the TOCS+ Project for presenting stimuli, recording, storing and judging digital speech audio (.wav) files. The USS has been incorporated into several related applications: TOCS+ Intelligibility Measures; Speech Intelligibility Probe for Children with Cleft Palate (SIP-CCLP); TOCS+ Recorder-Player (TOCS+ RP) and TOCS+ Maximum Performance Task Recorder (TOCS+ MPT).


If you are interested in
using the TOCS+ software, please contact us for more information.